Data Migration Solutions for Construction Company


As part of the UK Balfour Beatty R12 Harmonization Programme, it has been decided by the Administration to consolidate all Oracle & non-Oracle system activities onto the existing UK BB Oracle R12 solution. This programme will assist in forming a single IT platform and enable a standard Target Operating Model for the R12 Oracle system and business processes.

The Leading infrastructure company were looking for a proven Data Migration solution and methods for their pending business which are not on Oracle R12. Having their project started for some of their legacy systems in early 2013 ended up in bitter experiences, incurring longer duration test Migration cycles leading to extended project timelines ending up in heavy project costs. A Decision was made and awarded eAppSys as a solution integrator for providing Data Migration services, inclusive of Functional Support.

The Modules were in-scope are

Standard Modules:

  • Master Data Management (Suppliers, Customers & Items)
  • Financials (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Cash Management & Fixed Assets)
  • Supply Chain Management (Inventory & Purchasing)
  • Project Management

Custom Modules:

  • Plant Solution
  • Sub-Contractor Management
  • Customer Billing


  • Different systems to be migrated into Oracle R12 as part of R12 Harmonization project. One was on Oracle 11i ERP and the other one is on COINS ERP.
  • Diverse Custom solutions residing on Legacy Oracle and Non-Oracle systems. Multifaceted approach ahead in Integration of Solution from Legacy to Oracle R12 custom applications. Thorough gap analysis was required to establish Process changes and mapping between Data elements from Legacy system to the Latest system, predominantly for Custom Bolt-On’s.
  • Designing the migration approach and arriving at a strategy by understanding the Business process to smoothen the inter data flow between other oracle key modules.
  • Dealing with challenging and complex transformations leading to increase in resource-utilization.
  • Complex, long running Post load custom processes in the new system.
  • Finally, the undying problems customers face with respect to the Strategies agreed and adhered with De-Duplication, Data Cleansing, Data Profiling and Data Enrichment processes.


eAppSys Ltd has a solution for all the needs of an effective Streamlined Data Migration process in an organization using DMOne Tool and Pioneered in Oracle ERP products with Construction Domain expertise. eAppSys Ltd., which is specialized in Data Migration especially into R12, built a tool which can plug into/installed on any Oracle R12 environment. A flexible tool specifically designed for all the key Data Migration elements listed below.

Data Migration

Extraction: This utility is designed to establish easy and quick integration with various Oracle and Non-Oracle Legacy systems. Legacy data is brought into DMOne processing tables for further dispensation.
Master Data De-Duplication process, Data Enrichment & Data Cleansing: The tool has the level of flexibility given for the end-user/decision makers in performing these processes. A user-friendly OAF pages were designed for Exporting & Importing the data into the DMOne system keeping the Data integrity intact.
Transformation on Data: Once the criteria are applied and the data is available in Master store, with flexibility of adding and removing Rules, it’s easy to manage the Transformation rules. DMOne supports rules from One-One, Many-One and much more complex rules
Validation on Data: Once the data is transformed, DMOne also facilitates adding validations on the data before being loaded into ORACLE R12.
Generation of ‘|’ delimited Load files: The Final stage in the DMOne tool is to generate the ‘|’ delimited load files which are fit for Load into R12.
This enabled the customer Go-live their 3 legacy systems into Oracle R12 New system within their Project plan (first-time right).


Balfour Beatty are very pleased with the performance and outcome of using the DMOne tool for their Migration requirement.

Business Legacy System GO-Live Date
Balfour Beatty Living Places Oracle 11i ERP Sep-18
Scotland Transerv Joint Venture Oracle 11i ERP Sep-18
Balfour Beatty Rail Systems Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) ERP Mar-19
Why DMOne Tool
  • Everything under one-roof (Extract, Cleanse, Enrich, Transform, Validate, File Generation, Reconcile)
  • Greater Control and Transparency
  • Easy & Quick to Setup (on Oracle R12 ERP)
  • Short and Swift Migration Test cycles leading to Go-Live.
  • Reduces cost and effort
  • Minimum business Interference
  • Built in User-Friendly Process For key Data Migration business activities like
    • De-Duplication
    • Data Cleansing
    • Data Enrichment
  • Reconcile ready Framework (Source to Target)
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