Implementation & Upgrades

We pride over a track record of successful package solution implementations in a variety of industry verticals and in public and private sector enterprises.

An Oracle Gold Partner, with an ERP implementation methodology and toolset, which helps clients successfully plan, design and implement Oracle products.

Implementation & Upgrades

eAppSys follow a demo-based implementation methodology that is predominantly the Waterfall model with some elements of Agile methodology incorporated.

In our experience, classical waterfall model is inflexible to meet evolving business needs. Though workshops provide an excellent idea of the strengths and weaknesses, there is a “Leap of Faith” involved. Providing demos of the finished product at regular intervals provides the best chance for stakeholders to understand what they will get and allows for course-corrections as required. In some ways “Seeing is Believing!!”

Our implementation methodology allows for such changes by dividing the existing deliverables in small manageable chunks that then run as parallel overlapping streams.

An Effective and Efficient Implementation Approach for you

Few of our core principles used in implementation to ensure Quality Assurance and seamless implementation.

Feedback and requirements gathering via demos at every stage of the implementation process to ensure better understanding.

Maximize use of pre-delivered package solutions before considering customizations for your system. Decreasing dependencies.

Expert repository of reusable components based on our industry experience gives you a quick head-start and decreases time to market.

Data migration and reporting are drivers of success and we work on all these streams for quality assurance in implementation.

We provide mix of onsite/offshore delivery experts to work round the clock and also derive your cost efficiencies. Increasing solution delievery & decreasing business costs.

Delivering value, using in-house expertise in all areas of the implementation and system lifecycle from evaluation stage right up to support, enhancements and upgrades.

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