Local Government Solutions

“eAppSys has deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering solutions to Local Government.”

eAppSys provides comprehensive Local Government solutions which help adopt technologies that transform operations & processes, decrease costs and provide better overall service delivery solution.

We offer deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering solutions to Local Government. Our extensive experience in delivering Local Government Solutions will help identify the right opportunities to achieve efficiency and productivity improvements in the processes.

Pre-Payroll Exception Reports

  • NI Category to Pensions Mismatch
  • Staff with No Bank Details
  • Staff with Bank Details Discrepancie
  • Staff with NI / PAYE Aggregation Mismatch
  • Employees with Duplicate NI Numbers
  • Employees with Civic Office Addresses
  • Employees on NT Tax Code

Academies Payroll

  • Migration of Employees from Schools to Academies Payroll
  • Staff with No Bank Details
  • Migration of Employees between different PAYE References
  • Costing & Run Result Reports for Academies / Schools
  • Single screen for Academies Staff Entry and Maintenance

Third Party Pay OversAn improved Solution for Third Party Payments

  • Court Orders
  • Union Deductions
  • Pensions Contributions

Payroll GroupsA comprehensive Payroll Groups Solution that enables payroll processes to be run for a group of payrolls together

  • Pre-Payroll Exception Reports
  • Retro Notification Reports
  • Retropay (Enhanced)
  • Derive Pensionable Pay Process
  • Payroll Run UK
  • Gross To Net Summary Report
  • Pre-Payments
  • Payments Summary Report
  • Cheque Writer
  • BACS
  • RTI FPS Process
  • P45 Process
  • Costing
  • Cost Break Down Report
  • End Of Year Process
  • Transfer to GL


  • Letters for Pensions Auto Enrolment
  • Letters for Pensions Band Changes
  • LGPS Pensions Calculations
  • Teachers Pensions Calculations
  • LGPS Monthly / Annual Returns
  • Teachers Pensions Monthly / Annual Returns


  • OSP / OMP Calculations
  • Absence Calculations for Multiple Assignments
  • PTO Accruals Calculation
  • Absences Reports / Alerts

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