With applications running in the Cloud and databases installed on-premise, efficient systems integration is essential. eAppSys approaches each integration as a unique opportunity to collaborate and help clients understand the various integration options available to them. We draw from our years of experience to assist clients in the selection and implementation of the best middleware tool for their organization’s needs.

We help our customers :

  • To build integrations to connect their on-premise and Legacy systems via Integration Cloud service
  • To automate & manage business processes with Process Cloud Service.
  • To build applications with Visual Builder Cloud Service
  • Enabling Identity cloud service for customers to have a seamless Single Sign-On experience, managing their users and applications
  • Exposing APIs for external systems via API cloud platform services.

Some of the more common integrations we have built include:

  • Sales Orders Flow from Service Cloud to Oracle eBusiness Suite
  • Synchronize the Customer Data Hub information between Oracle eBusiness Suite and Oracle Service Cloud.
  • Orchestrate Service Cloud and Oracle eBusiness Suite to provide accurate Orders Information for Online Systems.
  • Orchestrate the Orders Processing flow between Online Services, Service Cloud and Oracle eBusiness Suite
  • Carrier Integration between DHL and Oracle eBusiness Suite.
  • API’s are Designed , secured, load-balanced, and managed by Oracle API Platform Cloud Service. The APIs achieve SSO by adopting OAuth 2.0.
  • The Oracle Identity Cloud Service has been used to handle identity federation with IDS4 and provide the OAuth 2.0 capabilities to secure the access and roles to the APIs in API Platform Cloud Service.
  • We have provided Identity Management as a cloud service enabling our customers to have a seamless Single Sign-On experience, managing their users and applications.

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