Building Quality and Flexible solutions

We are evangelical about Quality, Innovation and Customer Success and are constantly looking to push boundaries of how we can deliver value to our customers. We consistently exceed customer expectations and achieve an excellent customer satisfaction rating that has resulted in strategic long-term relationships with our existing Customers.
As part of the eAppSys Quality Management System (QMS), eAppSys has put in place processes, polices and artefacts to ensure appropriate levels of quality assurance and compliance monitoring are in place to deliver against industry standards.

  • Requirements Validation Review for High/Low level requirement documents before finalisation
  • Monthly Design/Architecture review to ensure that the project meets the high level design objectives as well as adheres to agreed standards and other non-functional requirements
  • Design verification and validation reviews to ensure that the design decisions are documented and in line with overall requirements
Building Quality and Flexible solutions

Quality Assurance is built into every step of the delivery process. Apart from rigorous Peer review of code, unit testing, integration testing and performance testing, we also conduct the following activities towards quality assurance. Most of the eAppSys consultants come from product development background and have a deep appreciation for quality in everything they do. This manifests itself in strong quality procedures that are benchmarked against global best practices.