Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) is a powerful consolidation tool. At the core is a well-designed relational database that provides a foundation for many features. This foundation was built with many new forward-thinking technologies, which have made possible many of the new features and functions clients enjoy today. HFM’s web interface allows for faster rollout and adoption. Between the web interface and the database is an application layer.

Hyperion Financial Management Key Features

Many companies use HFM with fantastic results. And since HFM is used so widely to provide consolidation data, many people must be seeing some benefits. Many people use these features and HFM to make their close smoother and improve the work they are doing.

  • Complete audit trails, workflows, internal review and certification, controls and validations, combine to give you faith in the integrity of your data.
  • Powerful, easy to use reporting and analysis tools.
  • Intercompany eliminations, Currency management, and Minority Interest calculations.
  • Multi-dimensional, line-of-business analysis
  • Excel Add-in and Hyperion Analyzer for ad hoc analysis.

HFM Technical and Functional Specialists

At eAppSys, we know that finance organizations are under constant pressure to reduce errors, lower costs and improve performance. That’s why we partner with Oracle to deliver their best-in-class Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) application to our clients. eAppSys consultants are experts in Hyperion Financial Management. HFM is built on the latest web technology to allow finance teams to more easily and accurately consolidate reports, meet global regulatory requirements and provide executives with the data and insights they need to make critical business decisions.

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