What is CX?

Customer experience (CX) refers to how a business engages with its customers at every point of their buying journey—from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between. In large part, it’s the sum total of all interactions a customer has with your brand.

Customer experience is not just a set of actions. It also focuses on feelings. How do your customers or prospective customers feel about your brand? At every customer touch point, you can improve—or destroy—how your customers feel about you. So there are important decisions to make at each touch point, and those decisions influence how successful your business will be as a result.

Many organisations are now learning that a positive Employee experience (EE) can also affect its ability to attract, retain and motivate employee’s.

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Why customer experience (CX) matters?

So why is the customer experience so important? As products become more commoditized, customers differentiate based on experiences with your company more than specific product features and functions.

Customers want to feel connected to their favorite brands, and they want the companies they buy from to know and respect them. CX has become the leading competitive differentiator, so businesses must ensure that their CX strategies can deliver personalized, pleasing interactions at every customer touchpoint.

These interactions have a cumulative effect on your customers’ overall perception and impression of your brand. That makes CX critical to success.

Oracle CX

Oracle CX

Oracle CX includes applications that support the three main functions of Customer Experience:

  • Service
  • Sales
  • Marketing


Service currently exists in two forms – Service Cloud (RightNow) and Engagement Cloud (or B2B Service). Engagement Cloud is an extension of the Sales Cloud application that sits within the Fusion Applications. Engagement Cloud components support both Contacts of organisations (in B2B mode) or Employee’s in HR Help Desk mode. Service Cloud (RightNow) is an application that provisioned separately from the Fusion applications. As such it is equally happy supporting customers who may be using an on-premise solution such as eBusiness suite. Service Cloud is often used to support direct customers and employees.

Both Service solutions include a knowledge base to enable customers, employees and support or contact center staff finding the answers to their questions. In the case of Service Cloud this knowledge base can be Knowledge Foundation or Knowledge Advanced. Knowledge Advanced allows a customer with knowledge base systems already in place to use this knowledge to support customers.

Both Service solutions support Incident management. This is the ability to raise an incident or a service request and for it to be dealt with by the correct team.

Service Cloud comes with an out of the box customer portal. This enables customers or employees to search for answers in the knowledge base or raise an incident. Engagement Cloud supports a portal that can be built currently only for contacts (not currently supporting for Employees).

Service Cloud has a chat facility that enables a customer or employee to use to chat session to resolve an issue or answer a question. Engagement Cloud has this facility currently available for contacts (not currently supported for Employees).

Both solutions integrate to Intelligent Advisor and the Digital Assistant. Intelligent Advisor allows for a customer to invoke a personalised ‘interview’ that enables them to get personal advice or a indicative illustration based on future changes. These interviews can be invoked by customers, contacts, employees or contact center staff. They can be added to pages with the applications or accessed via knowledge base articles. The Digital Assistant is an automated ‘Bot’ feature that can be trained to understand skills and answer natural language enquiries. The Digital Assistant can connect to and search knowledge base articles and also call Intelligent Advisor interviews. Pre-written skills are provided with Oracle Cloud HCM to support Employee enquiries. These can be exposed via both Service solutions.

eAppSys and CX

eAppSys has experience of delivery of all things Service and understands and can advise on the use of both Service Cloud and Engagement Cloud. It has a long history in delivery of Intelligent Advisor solutions and can demonstrate the use of Intelligent Advisor from a Digital Advisor ‘bot’. Our staff are certified in Service Cloud (Multichannel contact center and Integration and Extension), B2B Service (Engagement Cloud), Knowledge Management (Knowledge Advanced and Knowledge Foundation), Intelligent Advisor (previously known as Oracle Policy Automation) and Oracle Digital Assistant.

We have experience of using Service Solutions to support both Customers and Employees. We have built solutions in Service Cloud that support eBusiness suite customers. We have built solutions in Intelligent Advisor that support Employees and Customers and can be invoked via the Digital Assistant.

If you have any requirement and would like to discuss, then please drop an email to info@eappsys.com.